Moonleap Changelog


  • Free puppy for reaching 1000% 🐶
  • Improved transition screen to death.
  • Various visual improvements 🖼️, especially in the first world and the HUB world.
  • Improved HUB navigation, especially on the last screens.
  • Removed purple pump.
  • Enhancements to first world tilesets.
  • Moved ranking board to a more visible location.
  • DLC main entrance now easier to notice.
  • New death sprite for some skins.
  • Removed invisible spike in DLC stage 8.
  • Fourth star sound will no longer play when the game is in mute mode.
  • Minor adjustments to Wonder.
  • It’s no longer possible to close the game directly from the window; now you need to use the menu to exit, to prevent players from closing the game during saving.
  • It’s no longer possible to die in the HUB.
  • Headbutt to break blocks can now be performed with 100% consistency.


Patch focused on fixing bugs that came with the DLC. The main bugs were related to achievements and stage ranking. We apologize to everyone who experienced any issues on the DLC launch day!

  • Moon God Achievement added for achieving S rank in all levels 🏆
  • Fixed bug that didn’t deliver achievements correctly (especially for world 4)
  • Final stage now displays your rank for each level separately, instead of averaging them
  • Removed achievement that required you to be crushed by a bat
  • Credits music now stops at the end
  • It’s no longer possible to reset after winning the stage
  • Fixed bug where some stars didn’t make sound when collected
  • Now the game correctly counts how many levels you have passed when opening portal
  • Particles and fog disabled for Android after most devices encountered issues with them
  • Rank of final levels in secret world fixed
  • Non-solid blocks in the game ending fixed
  • Fixed two dead pixels on the statue, noticed by someone somehow
  • Ending art slightly touched up
  • Wander added
  • Several small graphical improvements
  • Optimizations for iOS and Android
  • Many other minor bugfixes

v2.0- Free DLC

30% more Moonleap! The free DLC is now available 🌜✨

🌟 New World: Explore new mechanics and visuals!

🔒 New Secrets: The DLC features twice as many secret stages to challenge your skills!

🎃 New Characters: Acquire characters throughout your journey, including some familiar faces from Elechead and Spooky Month!

🛠️ Multiple Improvements: Enjoy enhancements in various aspects of the game, from enhanced graphics to gameplay adjustments. We’re always working to ensure the best possible experience for our players.

✨What’s New:

  • New world with new mechanics and stages
  • 5 new unlockable characters
  • Twice as many secret stages with the new DLC
  • Ranking for completed stages after the DLC, the fewer “changes” the better!
  • New text system
  • Remodeled final sequence with 5 new stages
  • Visually smoother character movement
  • Option to delete save
  • Dream animation with nightmares!
  • Reorganization of secret stages in the HUB
  • Controls with adjustable opacity on mobile

🐞 Bug Fixes and Adjustments:

  • All platform-focused stages with quick inputs have been made easier.
  • Improved navigation through the HUB
  • Easier identification of breakable blocks
  • Snow effect in world 2 and the HUB
  • Overhaul of HUB puzzles
  • Fixed bug that didn’t accept codes even if they were correct
  • Change in puzzle that relied on external website
  • Addition of button to reset stage
  • Remodeling of the stage “good luck with this one”
  • Change of names for some stages
  • Adjustment of crow position in stage 24
  • Improved controls on ultrawide phones
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to jump on top of spike snails
  • Ladders no longer kill rushed players
  • Correction of various gameplay bugs

The free Moonleap DLC has been carefully crafted since the initial release of the game! It’s part of the ongoing effort to create the definitive version of Moonleap! Make the most of the DLC and keep exploring the Moonleap universe!

v1.1 – First full game update

Introducing Moonleap’s 1.1 Update!

We’re excited to announce the latest version of Moonleap, with a number of bug fixes and new features that enhance your gaming experience. In this post we will talk about all the changes since version 1.0.0

🐞 Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

  1. Fixed hub stone door sound not playing if the player only completed 8 levels.
  2. Redesigned star doors from cyan-white to reddish hue, a lighter color made players feel that the level was “more done” instead of “less done”.
  3. Fixed visual glitch of gray snail falling.
  4. Brighter pigeons to make them more visible and easier to track.
  5. Corrected alignment of level 30
  6. Tweaked running flowers animation
  7. Daltonism mode: corrected symbol on staircases
  8. Galaxy music now loops properly
  9. Secret stars can now only be collected in their respective areas
  10. “Ghost platforms” or “One-way platforms” are now more visible
  11. Screenshake no longer shows blue borders on screen
  12. Modified “last levels” to prevent players from getting stuck after falling into the ending.
  13. Now it’s impossible to perform two jumps at once when using two different jump inputs
  14. Minor tweaks to various levels

✨ New Features:

  1. Level name now displayed in pause menu.
  2. Added Japanese (JP), Spanish (ES) and Italian (IT) language support
  3. Secrer Star 3 now displays visual feedback
  4. Snails now turn smoothly
  5. Now petals appear when jumping off world 3 terrain
  6. Full moon upon completing the game at 100% as a tiny reward for players.
  7. The hub was improved to make it more polished and easier for players to navigate, especially in the first world.

Moonleap 1.1.0 update brings a number of fixes and tweaks to enhance the gameplay experience! Players can look forward to a smoother and more engaging gameplay experience. We hope you enjoy 🌜✨

v0.6 Prototype update

– Fullscreen Suport;

– Snails no longer lock on specific edges;

– More subtle colorblind mode and no more unmarked blocks;

– Climbing vines while the game is paused is no longer possible;

– Now the Cloud World is more visually polished;

– Several small adjustments to the levels;

– Various minor visual changes;

-Significantly improved performance, especially on PC;

-Arcade Mode now will now only be available in physical arcades.

Developer Commentary

“From the beginning, the Arcade Mode was made just to demonstrate that the game can work in an arcade

Now that the #NoticeMe Game Jam is over I don’t see the need for a mode like this anymore

The best experience to have playing at home is in the Normal Mode”